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Have a blessedly grateful and meaningful Holy Week. :) #SimpliFILED

Hey! Check out the FILED! Pocket Wallet in motion. See, how it can make your money access and storage hassle-free and more organized. :) To watch the How-To-Use full video like @getfiled on Facebook or subscribe on our Youtube account. Enjoy!

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Good morning, Everyone! Life is a wonderful blessing. Appreciate, love and cherish life. :) #SimpliFILED

And it’s finally up and about! Introducing the #FILEDNewProduct :)

And it’s up! Introducing the FILEDNewProduct :)

Good morning! :) Wishing you happiness all day, everyday! Start smiling and continue being happy. #SimpliFILED

What a very alluring and sweet #DoodleNature by @eurekka15. For sure you made your friend smile! :) Thank you for sending this in.

You can still submit yours until April 30 and you can also get environment-friendly goodies from Treehugger. :)

Lunch time! Hope Everyone’s having a great day! :) #FILEDfyi

These are Treehugger’s Tetra Pen and Tetra Mechanical Pencil, they are made from purely recycled products, which is awesome coz’ these are 100% environment-friendly.

You can have these cool pens when you submit your #DoodleNature artwork. Send in yours now and be one in saving Mother Earth. :)

You can also buy the Treehugger Notebook with free Retractable and GelFriend Pens at our Online Shop ( for only P200.00! By buying one you are already contributing in planting more trees.

by @doodlellatot3 “What a wonderful world <3 @getfiled #DoodleNature #EarthMonth” via @PhotoRepost_app

by @hannerrrific “It relaxes me to have a pen on my hand and a cup of coffee on the other. Mixing a bit of art with love for Mother Earth 😊 I find it amusing that #FILED2014 has pages dedicated for art and advocacy. Cheers. #DoodleNature #EarthMonth #doodle #PenAndPaper #blackandwhite” via @PhotoRepost_app

LAST 2 DAYS! Hurry and grab a FILED Folder now! Be organized in style! :)